Creative Journal Expressive Arts Workshops with Lisa Brown

The Creative Journal Expressive Arts incorporates, art, music, journal writing, to help you delve into the process of creating. By giving clients self-nurturing activities to express their deepest feelings in a safe place, not requiring artistic skill, and giving them tools to help themselves find the best solution to their own issues using their intuition.

In these workshops I direct the clients to use a variety of techniques and media to help them with difficult issues and life changes such as: relationships, health, lose of a loved one, career, empty nest, buying a new house, moving, or finding their true desires.

Through these methods which use journal writing with both their dominant and non-dominant hand they will discover some answers, solve problems, and be empowered to take control of their life by simply listening to their subconscious as they play with art materials.   These are methods are life long tools that can be used in many situations.

Each year, I offer two Regional CJEA retreats (the weekend after July 4th and the first weekend in Dec) for 3 days of learning, exploring and creating. These retreats are for anyone but are especially geared towards those who help or serve others, so spend a few days nurturing your soul.

I am the Assistant Supervisor and Regional Coordinator under Dr. Marsha Nelson and Dr. Lucia Capacchione, author of 20 books on Journaling with Art,  I have worked with both Marsha and Lucia to sustain a mentoring program for CJEA trainees in finding their dreams and creating wonderful retreats. I have written 3 books with art ideas for the masses.

I also add these methods when facilitating for support groups: brain injured, bereavement, cancer survivors, and their families. I find the therapeutic value of losing yourself in the process of creating is greatly enhanced by incorporating these methods into my workshops.

In using a variety of media and a theme dedicated towards the group I  facilitate each workshop to make it personal and extra special. With my extensive art expertise and my love for helping others, I can bring to your group an unique experience. Call to set up a date (908) 561-9226