Creative Journal Expressive Arts Institute

I am the Lead Master Instructor for the Creative Journal Expressive Arts Institute™, a method originated and pioneered by Lucia Capacchione Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T. I have been bringing creative ideas and programs to those who have trained in the CJEAI methods and the general public since 2001. I have taught programs from my studio and to groups in Ireland, England, Mexico and many places in the US in Wellness Centers, Libraries, Support Groups, Bereavement Groups, and Private Groups. I worked along with Dr. Marsha Nelson who helped create the training program to create adventures worldwide introducing these methods to help:

• Deal with feelings in a safe, healthy, and productive way
• Uncover hidden artistic abilities
• Discover the playful spirit so essential to the creative process
• Release old emotions stored in parts of the body
• Change negative attitudes about ourselves
• Explore your relationships with others
while processing their life experiences through expression

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