Creative Journal Expressive Arts Institute

I am the Lead Master Instructor for the Creative Journal Expressive Arts Institute™, a method originated and pioneered by Lucia Capacchione Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T. I have been bringing creative ideas and programs to those who have trained in the CJEAI methods and the general public since 2001. I have taught programs from my studio and to groups in Ireland, England, Mexico and many places in the US. I have facilitated programs for Wellness Centers, Libraries, Support Groups, Bereavement Groups, and Private Groups. I work along with Dr. Marsha Nelson who helped create the training program for those wishing to learn the techniques that will allow them to present workshops to those in need. We also have created workshop adventures worldwide and on cruise ships introducing these methods to help:

• Deal with feelings in a safe, healthy, and productive way
• Uncover hidden artistic abilities
• Discover the playful spirit so essential to the creative process
• Release old emotions stored in parts of the body
• Change negative attitudes about ourselves
• Explore your relationships with others
while processing their life experiences through expression

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