Art as Therapy® Series

Want More Art as Therapy®?
6 Week Course on Zoom
Starting April 24- May 29 -Sun Evenings 7:00est (1.30hr each)

This workshop series gives you a chance to be creative and learn to help others as well as yourself to understand how life experiences influence how you think and how you make decisions. You will discover more about yourself as you indulge in a creative journey.
If you want to become a facilitator – I will help you find the best way to design art workshops that represent the best you and how to use your strengths and talents to offer workshops that people want to return to over and over. Expand your offerings while discovering your own talents.
Experience art like you never have before by finding ways to express your feelings safely and in the comfort of home.

$500-Limited to 6 people (lisa for more info)

See a short video with Lisa