Regarding 3 ideas sent each week from my book: Hold the Mometns: Creative Experiences in Parenting which I sent out for free each week of quarantine.

I just wanted to thank you for these wonderful ideas for parents/teachers. Every time I get this I pass it along to my daughter a 2012 WP grad and current MAT student who teaches in 4th grade in Kearny. She and her students have been having so much fun with these. I will be buying your book for her soon. In any case – thanks for all you are doing to keep the world engaged in art and creative during all of this. I am a big fan. – Lynn

Here’s comments from the Retreat Participants and ongoing students:

Here is why I like to work with Lisa: she helps me get in touch with tender and forgotten memories; she frees my creative side; she brings hidden feelings to light; she helps me explore myself with lightheartedness and love; her guidance leads me to precious new moments; through her classes I can unwind and recharge in a save space. – Pat McKinsey

Lisa Brown has been an incredible creative mentor to me, for the past 30+ years!  She makes the artwork fun and do-able, and I always look forward to our time together.  Sometimes I actually make something that looks like “art”!  But always I come away with valuable insights into my life, especially when we add the writing prompts and questions.  The work we have done together has helped me be on my own right path, even through difficult obstacles and challenges.  And it has been a source of joy and peace in the present moment, always an exercise in mindfulness. – Pat Clark

If you are looking for an inspiring artist and teacher, then you have found her — Lisa Brown.  Any workshop that I have attended with Lisa as my teacher, I was able to create things that I never thought I could.  Her workshops on the Hero’s Journey is one of my favorites. Using the medium of collage, I learned quite a bit about my Hero’s Journey. – Noelie Day

My name is Mary Lou Gonzalez. I am a Social Worker and Creative, Journal, Expressive, Arts Therapist. I am so grateful thankful for Lisa’s workshops. She has taught me such creative art therapy activities to use in my chronic pain program. Lisa has been a blessing for me and the work I do with my clients. Thank you Lisa. – Marylou Gonzalez

I highly recommend Lisa Brown as a Creative Journal Expressive Arts Retreat facilitator! In January this year, I attended a retreat workshop in Los Cabos, Mexico, “Start Your Big Dream 2019”.  Lisa facilitated an inspiring workshop for CJEA educators from across the country. Each attendee was able to reflect, gain insight and to reset their compass using clay, collage and journal prompts. In addition, there was enough free time to go sight-seeing and get to know one another on a personal level. -All were excited to share with their clients, Lisa’s stimulating workshop ideas based on Dr. Lucia Capacchione’s Creative Journal Expressive Arts Methods. Without reservation, I recommend taking Lisa’s CJEA retreat workshops! – Judy Gutierrez

Lisa Brown is a terrific art teacher – patient, kind and gentle, talented and nonjudgmental. I have been going to her workshops for years and trust her completely for she creates a safe environment that is helpful to those of us with limited artistic abilities. I am always amazed at the insights that emerge. She is truly a gift to the world. – Patience Killian

“Creating art in a workshop with Lisa Brown, is like coming home to a house where my joy, spirit and soul dwell. I am always astonished of what comes out of my art making!” – Ann Teed