Tales of Transformation – Fairy Tales

Coordinated through Interweave – The power of the Fairytales to touch, teach and transform is one that reaches beyond the realm of childhood. They can be portals into both our personal and collective unconscious. Fairy tales help us to understand our deepest desires. Often our hero or heroine is seeking their fortune in the world on a journey from rags to riches. But how do we identify the true treasure and discover the path to Transformation? These stories of magic beans and hidden caverns speak to more than the outward movement from rags to riches, they invite us to explore our hidden life and discover pathways that move us from scarcity to abundance.  Each week we will listen to a tale and reflect on the messages that speak to us in the story using guided reflection, art, and creative journaling. 
Lisa Brown and Janet Maulbeck combine their considerable talents to facilitate these sessions.