Would you like to have me present a workshop (5 in a weekend or individual) to your area? Who would they be for? Educators, those in the service of others: therapists, social workers, counselors, or those in healing professions, nurses, aides. Those suffering with health issues or adversity with themes for: bereavement groups, cancer survivors , empty nesters, those in retirement, finding the hidden artist, inner child, and more. These workshops can be tailored to the clientele you want to serve. I will recommend an appropriate set of workshops, outline a flyer, help with supplies and in organizing the weekend or day. With over 15 years experience of facilitating workshops which include a variety of art modalities incorporated with the Creative Journal Expressive Arts methods based on Dr. Lucia Capacchione‘s ground breaking techniques and 23 books available to everyone to help you look at your issues honestly and discover answers from you subconscious.

Any questions: lisa@ art-as-therapy.com or call me (908) 561-9226