Lisa Brown’s expertise in art and her “Art as Therapy” programs brings you this blend of online workshops as the Regional Coordinator for the Creative Journal Expressive Arts program. Along with creating you will be using the unique methods of journal writing developed by Dr. Lucia Capacchione in “The Power of Your Other Hand”.
If you want to try these fun therapeutic programs:

2 workshops a month on the 2nd and 4th
Monday mornings starting on Sept 14, 2020 from 10-11:15pm
for $75 a month or Sign up for 4 months for a discount:  $270
For 1 month

For Sept-Dec

For each class you will need: 
3-5 pages of blank paper or a blank journal with no lines, markers, stick glue and scissors. You will also need magazines, colored paper or printed images from the computer, newspapers, paint, draw images, scrap paper, or all a combination of those for images and phrases as needed. No scissors? Why not tear?

Workshop Descriptions

Remembering Joy – We are celebrating a child’s sense of wonder, but not any child’s – our own childhood. Remember the most fun you had as a child! Was it with your cousins, visiting a best friend, family get-togethers, or just doing something alone?

My Sacred Place – Where do you go when you need time to think things through or need to relax? Is it your bed? The beach? The woods? The mall? We will capture that place and find out why it is so specia to us so we an visit it again and again in our minds eye.

Resilience – We have all gone through many trials and tribulations, traumas, and hurts but gotten through using our own methods of resilience. Let’s look at the many things we have doone and how we can find that strength again when we need it.

Life’s Journey – Take a long look at the life you have led up to this point. We will be creating a journal collage of the events that make us who we are beginning from birth through to the present. Once your collage is done you will be journal writing about what you see, how events changed you, be challenged to what comes next.

Relationships – Take a look at those around you and how they influence you. You will be creating a visual representation of what your relationships look like so that you can dialogue with each one to possibly move some closer or further away.

Inside/Outside Me – In this workshop you will be making a mask with the two sides of you: what you show the world and what you keep inside. After making the piece you will journal through dialogues to understand more clearly how you present yourself and what you don’t want to share.

What I treasure most – In a box or an envelope, we are going to put all our treasures together so that when we are at our lowest or feeling lost we can look inside and find something places, people, and things that makes us happy.

My Family of Origin – This is a look into the family dynamics and how it has made you who you are today. We are born into a title without realizing it and that title stays with us our whole lives. We will be looking at the family as a whole and how we have been influenced by our siblings and parents.

Solving a Current Problem – In this simple exercise you will look at an issue that is causing you to struggle as you try to find a solution that works. This is a method of making you face the problem head-on and dialogue with the feelings that come up as you look for a solution. When we are in conflict with someone else we have to take a few moments to stand in their shoes to see their point of view.

Transitions – An exercise in looking over the many transitions we make throughout our lives and how to deal with the next one: retirement, a move, change of jobs, relationship or change of attitude. We will recognize the skills and strengths we have as we remind ourselves of how we dealt with the big changes, some we had control over and others that we didn’t.

Passport to Adventure – Looking back at our previous adventures as we traveled, we will see where and who and where we can travel next. This is a wishful adventure that you will make of dreams for your future.

Me Journal – A simple book that tells about you and how you think, feel, and dream. The book is made up with as many pages as you work through the many parts of yourself. See your strengths and your weaknesses and face them openly.

Understanding those Explosive Emotions – We will take a look at the triggers and the immediate physical reactions that accompany those triggers so that we can calm those emotions before they take over. We use the hands as a representation to recognize the emotions stirred by an event or words that strike us.

A Friendly Gesture – Who supports you and why or how? We often don’t tell those closest to us what their love has meant to us. Why not send the message by creating small collages using images and phrases for those who have influenced you, helped you through tough times, been by your side and listened with an open heart?

My Future Cubed – Using the magazine images or phrases you will work through all that comes ahead for you. By creating a small box on which you will use each of the sides to let your Dreams and Hopes for your futures soar.

Music in my Soul – For this workshop you will be taking your most favorite music and letting it flow through you to discover what emotions are tickled through the rhythm, beat, and words. How does it make you feel, why, and what images come up when you listen?

A Healthier Me – Find the parts of your body wanting to be heard and what they are telling you. We often stuff our emotions inside making us sick. Spend some time talking to your body to help it understand and release itself.

Taking Care of Myself – Learn what you need to do when stressed or worried to calm yourself and find peace. Find the Inner Wisdom to help you in any situation that presents itself.