What is your story? Create a3-d story using illustrations and miniatures, and picutres to represent your story. Sometimes our lives can feel like a book or a living is creative work. As we look back on our life and those major events that happened to us, tipped us out of our comfort zone, and changed us or our direction. These books will have the title of your life’s work and be part of your legacy as you put into it those key parts of yourself.

We will journal with the stories that shaped our lives: as a child we were moved, had family added or were disrupted by someone or something that changed us. The decisions we made for college, career, marriage influenced who we are today. Along the way other events, health struggles, family dynamics, and outside things effected our lives. Through the art of reflection and journaling, you will scan your life and see the highlights and changes that made you who you are today. $85

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